Hello and welcome to the first Lifelong Photography blog post! I wanted to create this because after all, I love storytelling.

When I first started my business, that was my goal. I wanted to create, take a bunch of photos, and tell stories. Everyone I've met while being a photographer has been incredible and their stories are incredible. From rainbow babies, to incredible life stories to generations of families and beautiful love stories.

For three years, I have told those stories through photos and now I want to tell the stories through my second favorite creative avenue, writing.

In honor of this first post, I wanted to tell my story - where I come from, why I started doing photos, my drive, etc.

If you didn't already know, my name is Kaley and I'm from Tallahassee, Florida. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved taking photos. My first camera ever was a bright pink Sony Cyber-Shot point and shoot camera (12.1 megapixels to be exact) and that camera was my baby. I took photos and videos of everything.

As I got older, the camera did too. I had that camera for years (and still have it in my archived cameras). My freshman year of college, I so badly wanted to get into photography and take some photography classes and that's exactly what I did.

I invested in my first camera (my cute Nikon D5300 and a kit lens) and started learning.

When I first started learning, it wasn't easy and I wasn't that good. I struggled with manual settings, I struggled with lighting. I struggled with a lot. But I was determined to make this photography dream of mine happen.

When I learn things, it takes me some time. I have to practice a bunch, relearn a bunch and that cycle continues for a while.

I used that camera for 4 years. And still use it to this day, as it's hanging in there somehow.

In November of this past year, I decided to invest in another camera. I felt that my skills have improved immensely and I was ready to upgrade my set up. I decided on the D750. While yes, it's not the most upgraded and best Nikon model but I loved everything about it and what it had to offer without literally selling a limb (look it up, limbs are expensive).

And today, I am doing my thing. I work hard, I give back and I love what I do.

I am always aiming to learn, improve my work and skills and try new things.

I hope that you enjoy this new blog.

- Kaley