Some of my favorite photos to capture are mommy and me photos. I love the playfulness, the love and the cuddles. It makes my heart melt. I know the quarantine is a little different so I wanted to give you some of my best mommy and me tips for photos as a fun post-Mother's Day. Say you’re unable to hire a photographer right now, you’re gonna love these.

1. Enjoy yourself and don't be too hard on yourself. Just have fun.

2. Make it fun for your kiddo. Play games, sing songs, dance around.

3. Set a timer

4. Get dolled up or come as you are.

5. Capture everything you can - the laughs, the frustration, the giggles and the playfulness.

6. Have fun with editing. Play with colors, grain, everything.

7. Play with your lighting and settings. Whether you're shooting with - your iPhone, your laptop or a DSLR, find the perfect settings for you.

8. Frame them. Hey, they may not be perfect, but they are memories.

In all seriousness, I hope everyone had an incredible Mother's Day. I hope there was laughter and cuddles and so much love. You deserve it.

If you're needing photos done and you're in the South Georgia area, feel free to reach out. I am doing social distancing sessions along with safe-practice sessions - lots of hand washing, sanitizing, and masks.

xoxo, Kaley